> On Feb 17, 2018, at 4:13 AM, Joshua Hitchen <j...@metrosecurity.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry to bother you on something potentially purposeful – it just seems like 
> you may have meant to temporarily remove this functionality given that some 
> of the code for it exists but is commented out.
> In JPEGVideoRTPSource.cpp you set the precision in the DQT segments to 0 
> (meaning 8 bit), even though the corresponding sink supports setting the 
> precision via a call to the quantizationTables method.

This may (perhaps) have been an oversight.  The “JPEGVideoRTPSource” code 
basically just implements the code that’s in Appendix B of RFC 2435 (which 
defines the RTP payload format for JPEG video).  I.e., it transforms the 
information that was in the special RTP JPEG header (and quantization tables, 
if present) into a corresponding JPEG image header.  It’s possible that this 
code is incomplete.

If you’re sure about this, feel free to propose a patch to 

Ross Finlayson
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