Hello Live555 community -

I'd like to encode a live video stream using FFMPEG API's using the VP8 and VP9 
codecs and make the stream available using Live555 as RTSP. I already have a 
framework in place that does this using other codecs (MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, 
H264, H265). A couple questions:

1.       Do I need to parse the output (similar to the H264 NAL parsing) of the 
VP8/VP9 AVPacket? I've tried just sending the content directly to Live555 
through my FramedSource; the VP8 sort of works, but isn't something I'd show a 
client (slow-arriving frames, dropped frames, etc). The VP9 doesn't work at all.

2.       Do I need some type of discrete framer for VP8/VP9?

3.       Is libvpx just too slow for 30fps real-time encoding? (Probably should 
have asked this first...)

Thanks in advance for any help you might provide!

- Pat Weber
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