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> Hi !
> I'm just starting to understand the library, help with advice.
> I get data from the IP CCTV camera on a private video protocol. Data from the 
> camera comes in fragments in real time.
> In the SDK camera, I register a callback function in which I process the 
> data. After processing this data in the buffer, I get a video stream in the 
> x264 format.
> How can I transfer this stream via RTSP now?

(Sorry for the delay in responding to this.)

This depends on what kind of data this is - because standard receiving 
client(s) (e.g., the VLC media player) need to be able to understand the data.  
In other words, you need to define the “RTP payload format” for this data.

If the data is text, you can use our “T140TextRTPSink” class, which implements 
the standard “text/t140” RTP payload format.  In this case, the receiving 
client (e.g., VLC) should treat the data as if it were ’subtitles’ - i.e., 
timed text that can (optionally) be displayed on top of the video.

If, however, your data is something else, then you will probably need to define 
your own RTP payload format, and modiufuy your client applications to support 

Ross Finlayson
Live Networks, Inc.

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