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Hello Liverpool LUG

I am new to Liverpool and the UK. I just purchased a new laptop and had a computer store nuke the operating system and install Kali GNU/Linux. I told the fella to do it with LAN. He installed Ubuntu. I told him I requested Kali. Another two weeks in the store. It hasn't picked up the WiFi card. I don't have access to a LAN which is why I got the computer store fella to nuke the OS in the first place. I would really appreciate some assistance tweaking it to get it driving and wifi enabled and also some assistance in repartitioning as I am not sure the amount of memory and what is the best practice.

I also tried to do a wire LAN tether via USB with my mobile but couldn't get it working.


Hi Beauford,

Sorry for the slow reply, I only just saw this.

I don't have much experience with Kali Linux myself but the most important thing would be to find out what wireless card the laptop has in it. Make and model if possible. Do you know?

I was also going to suggest you bring it to the next LUG meeting in a couple of weeks perhaps. Unless someone on the list can help sooner.

I'm sure we can figure something out and if worst comes to worst there are loads of USB wireless adapters supported by the Linux kernel. It's not ideal to have to use an extra piece of kit though I know.

Let us know any more information you have, many thanks,


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