beanz added inline comments.

Comment at: packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/
     # If not found, disable the lldb-mi tests
-    lldbMiExec = None
-    if lldbtest_config.lldbExec and is_exe(lldbtest_config.lldbExec + "-mi"):
-        lldbMiExec = lldbtest_config.lldbExec + "-mi"
-    if not lldbMiExec:
+    lldbDir = os.path.dirname(lldbtest_config.lldbExec)
+    lldbMiExec = os.path.join(lldbDir, "lldb-mi")
+    if is_exe(lldbMiExec):
ki.stfu wrote:
> Maybe it would be better to replace "lldb" with "lldb-mi" in 
> lldbtest_config.lldbExec? So we will take into account their versions instead 
> of ignoring them.
That is a good idea, assuming the patch as-is doesn't break the world, I'll 
revise it to that to fix the Windows issue as well.


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