Author: cbieneman
Date: Tue Oct 18 18:55:34 2016
New Revision: 284552

When invoking Terminal, don't assume the default shell

If a user has their shell set to a non-POSIX conferment shell the tests fail because the shell blurb constructed here may not 
work in their shell.

In my specific case fish-shell (The Friendly Interactive Shell - does not support $?, it instead uses $status (because it 
is friendly).

This patch removes the assumption of your default shell by running the 
constructed bash command via "/bin/bash -c ...". This should be safer for users 
mutating their shell environment.

Reviewers: tfiala

Subscribers: joerg, lldb-commits

Differential Revision:


Modified: lldb/trunk/source/Host/macosx/
--- lldb/trunk/source/Host/macosx/ (original)
+++ lldb/trunk/source/Host/macosx/ Tue Oct 18 18:55:34 2016
@@ -354,11 +354,11 @@ static bool WaitForProcessToSIGSTOP(cons
 const char *applscript_in_new_tty = "tell application \"Terminal\"\n"
                                     "   activate\n"
-                                    "  do script \"%s\"\n"
+                                    "  do script \"/bin/bash -c '%s';exit\"\n"
                                     "end tell\n";
 const char *applscript_in_existing_tty = "\
-set the_shell_script to \"%s\"\n\
+set the_shell_script to \"/bin/bash -c '%s';exit\"\n\
 tell application \"Terminal\"\n\
        repeat with the_window in (get windows)\n\
                repeat with the_tab in tabs of the_window\n\

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