fwiw this looks good to me, a much better fix than I had. but it'z zturner who objected to my approach.

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Since r278177, the Posix functions in PseudoTerminal::OpenFirstAvailableMaster 
on windows are now inlined LLVM_UNREACHABLE instead of return 0.
This causes __assume(0) to be inlined in OpenFirstAvailableMaster, allowing the 
optimizer to change code because this function should never be executed. In 
particular, on Visual 2015 Update 3 Win32 Release builds, the optimizer skips 
the if (error_str) test, causing a crash if error_str is nullptr.
The added #if !defined(LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX) restore the previous behaviour 
(which was doing nothing and returning true, as every function was returning 0, 
and prevent crashes.
The crash was 100% when launching a test x86 executable (built with clang, 
linked with lld-link) in lldb.
I don't know if there is another fix in progress (not calling the function on 
Win32?), but it seems to be called from several places, so it may be simpler to 
fix it in PseudoTerminal.



Index: source/Utility/PseudoTerminal.cpp
--- source/Utility/PseudoTerminal.cpp
+++ source/Utility/PseudoTerminal.cpp
@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@
   if (error_str)
     error_str[0] = '\0';

+#if !defined(LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX)
   // Open the master side of a pseudo terminal
   m_master_fd = ::posix_openpt(oflag);
   if (m_master_fd < 0) {
@@ -111,6 +112,7 @@
     return false;

   return true;

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