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I am not sure I like the implications of all this MIPS specific knowledge in 
this test. I would like it if we can abstract this into the GDB remote 
protocol. Since we get the register descriptions from the lldb-server, it would 
be nice if the register description for the float registers that change size 
get an extra key/value pair in them. Maybe something like: 
"variable-size-key:mips-fpr".  Then each time we get a stop reply packet from 
the remote server, any GDB server binaries that specify the "variable-size-key" 
in their description would update their sizes when we stop. So the stop reply 
packet would contain an extra key value pair: "mips-fpr:4;" or "mips-fpr:8;". 
The ProcessGDBRemote would need to save any variable-size-key values and know 
how to update the register sizes for any such registers.

So my general take is there are way too many places that are getting special 
knowledge of the MIPS SR register, so lets try to abstract this out in an 
architecture agnostic way.

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