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There is code in the GDBRemoteTestBase that makes targets from yaml2obj.  See 
the createTarget method in 
Actually, that's method should be pulled out of the gdb_remote_client and moved 
to TestBase in lldbtest.py, it doesn't appear to have any dependencies on being 
a gdb_remote_client test, and it seems like a generally useful feature.  Note 
that gdb_remote_client directory also has an example of making a little ELF 
file (a.yaml).

It looks like the GDBRemoteTestBase class also has some mechanism for cleaning 
up temporary files, but I'm not sure that's necessary, since the generated 
files should all go into the build directory now Adrian is done with that work. 
 I don't see why the test cases should have to do this by hand.

Anyway, if that were in lldbtest (maybe createTargetFromYaml), then you could 
make a dotest test by copying the 
packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/sample_test/TestSampleTest.py somewhere, remove 
the build stage, and in the test body just do something like:

  target = self.createTargetFromYaml(path_to_yaml)
  self.assertTrue(target.GetTriple() =="whateverItsSupposedToBe", "Got the 
right target")

You only need to use lldb-server to run the dotest.py based tests if you need 
to run the process, which you don't here.  You should be able to run all the 
tests that don't run processes, though of course if you don't have an 
lldb-server you can't actually launch anything regardless of what test harness 
is doing the launching.



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