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> > I don't think we'd necessarily need a live register context or stack
> memory.  A mock register context and stack memory should be sufficient,
> with an emulator that understands only a handful of instructions.
> That's ... exactly what I said?  That we need to mock up memory and
> registers and symbols, or have a corefile and binary, or have hand written
> assembly routines that set up a particular stack and an SB API test that
> tries to backtrace out of it with a live process.  After the inferior
> process state has been constructed/reconstituted, is the unwinder capable
> of walking the stack or finding spilled registers by following the correct
> UnwindPlans.  This is right in the wheelhouse of SB API testing.

I'm saying we shouldn't need a live process (and in fact we can test it
better if we don't rely on a live process, since we can write tests that
run anywhere).
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