xiaobai added inline comments.

Comment at: source/Breakpoint/BreakpointSiteList.cpp:191
   if (lower != m_bp_site_list.begin()) {
-    collection::const_iterator prev_pos = lower;
-    prev_pos--;
+    auto prev_pos = std::prev(lower);
     const BreakpointSiteSP &prev_bp = (*prev_pos).second;
If `m_bp_site_list` is empty, `prev_pos` could be `m_bp_site_list.end()`, I 
believe, so you would have to check for that here. This is assuming that this 
method can be invoked when `m_bp_site_list` is empty, which I'm not entirely 
sure about. 

Comment at: source/Target/Process.cpp:1817
+  m_breakpoint_site_list.ForEach([this](BreakpointSite &bp_site) {
     //        bp_site->SetEnabled(true);
+    DisableBreakpointSite(&bp_site);
Good opportunity to delete dead code? 

Comment at: source/Target/Process.cpp:2437
+  for (auto &bp_site : enabled_bp_sites_in_range)
+    update_status(DisableSoftwareBreakpoint(bp_site.get()));
If disabling any breakpoint fails, the status's error string will be "failed to 
re-enable one or more breakpoints". This is kind of confusing, imo.

Comment at: unittests/Process/common/ProcessWriteMemoryTest.cpp:1
+//===-- ProcessorTraceMonitorTest.cpp ------------------------- -*- C++ 
`ProcessTraceMonitorTest.cpp` -> `ProcessWriteMemoryTest.cpp`


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