labath added a comment.

This test deliberately compiles without `-g`, so the variable should not be in 
the debug info. On non-windows systems we're expected to pick up the name from 
the symbol table. Is there such a thing on windows as well? Maybe you need to 
lookup the symbol as `_conflicting_symbol` ?

I think this could also be related to your  breakpoint location resolving 
problem. The test explicitly calls `self.registerSharedLibrariesWithTarget` 
which explicitly adds the shared library to the list of target modules, so 
(assuming registerSharedLibrariesWithTarget works on windows) this test should 
not depend on automatic library searching in lldb. I'm guessing you have some 
problems looking things up when debug info is absent.

With all that in mind, I don't think this patch would hurt this test, but I 
don't believe it will help you getting the test passing either, so I would keep 
the num_expected_locations as-is (the LLDB_TEST_API thingy is obviously fine).

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