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> Again, we need any objects coming out of the ObjectFile to have the correct 
> sections. Not sure how we would accomplish that with a solution where the 
> dSYM file uses it own useless sections.

I think we have different definitions of "correct" sections. I agree that the 
nulled out sections in the dSYM file are (nearly) useless, but I think they are 
also correct, because that's exactly what's in that object file (and I think a 
single ObjectFile instance should represent information from a single object 
file -- nothing more, nothing less). If we need  (and we do need) to have a 
view of combined information from multiple object files, then there should be a 
separate entity that does that (I think that's what the unified section list is 
supposed to be). Then, anything that needs to operate on the unified view 
should be taught to operate on the unified view and not on the individual 
object files.

Now, I have no idea how hard is it to achieve this, but the fact that this is 
already how things work for elf gives me hope that it will not be that hard.

Btw, do you know how much I can rely on the test suite to catch any issues 
here? I've tried simply commenting out the line where we add the section from 
the unified list into the dsym file, and all tests still passed. Is there any 
particular scenario I should look at in more detail?

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