clayborg added a comment.

Change looks fine to me.

> What's the best/easiest way to test this?

You can just run:

  (lldb) process save-core /tmp/test.core"

This will allow you to take any process and save a core file for it from lldb. 
Then you could obj2yaml it and check that part in. This is only implemented for 
mach-o right now. But at least that is a way to test something. Like Pavel 
stated, write a simple OS plug-in that adds a thread with a stop reason and 
have the test auto select it. Probably best to test that a core file with a 
stop reason also still selects the thread it used to when there is no OS 
plug-in to ensure we don't break anything.

> Should we also do this for ELF cores?

We can.


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