labath added a comment.

Ok, as of r326805 it should be very easy to write a test for this. You can look 
at the test in that commit for inspiration.

Btw, do you happen to know why we have two copies of the section merging code? 
While working on that patch I noticed an issue that is caused (in part*) by the 
fact that we merge the sections three times. I've tried to remove the copy in 
ObjectFileELF, and everything seems to work fine, but our test support coverage 
for the debug-info-in-separate-file is not that awesome. If you have any other 
tests for this, I'd appreciate if you can run them before I check that in (I'll 
send you a patch soon).

(*) The problem is that we are replacing the sections by their IDs, but (ELF?) 
section IDs are unique only if they all come from a single object file. So when 
we start replacing them the second time round, we end up overwriting random 
sections. When we replace the sections only once, the code will be technically 
correct, but the replacement-by-id idea seems still a bit sketchy.

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