johanengelen added inline comments.

Comment at: source/Plugins/Language/D/DLanguage.cpp:108
+    auto fun0=lib2->getFun<decltype(d_initialize)>("d_initialize");
+    (*fun0)();
timotheecour wrote:
> johanengelen wrote:
> > Would it help to initialize druntime using a static module constructor in 
> > the lldbdplugin dll?
> > (then you can also do de-init using a static module destructor)
> I don't really like static module constructor because it adds cyclic 
> dependencies, see for vibe.d moving away from it: 
> explicit calling `d_initialize` is simple enough.
Module ctors don't add cyclic dependencies by themselves. There is also no 
danger of that here.
How do you de-initialize druntime? (without de-init, there is a big mem leak)

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