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Sorry for getting in here late. This seems to be a great improvement on the 
state of the art, and given it's only enabled for the CMake build, I see little 
harm not going forward with it.
In particular this gives us:

1. Proper SIGTERM handling. This was a longstanding problem where you hit 
ctrl+c and dotest keeps spawning process. I tested this locally and can confirm 
it works
2. Some tests are failing with timeouts. because lldb sets a timeout. The new 
strategy sets a timeout of `0` so it kind of makes this problem going away. 
OTOH, we can set a timeout per-directory in case it's really needed.

FWIW, I'm not particularly worried about not being able to run this on single 
tests. I used `lldb-dotest` for the purpose for a while and it works like a 
charm. I'm inclined to get this in and back port it to our downstream consumer 
(swift) as it would be of great benefit there too.


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