labath added a comment.

The fix seems simple enough, but Jim needs to say whether this is the right way 
to fix this bug, as I am not sure about what are our assumptions about 
Breakpoint object lifetimes.

Comment at: 
+    printf("Observable side effect\n");
     return 0; // Set break point at this line.
Why did you need to add this? This seems like something that could easily be 
removed/reshuffled in the future (breaking your test, if it depends on it).

Comment at: source/Breakpoint/BreakpointList.cpp:120-121
+    auto bp = *pos;
+    if (bp->AllowDelete()) {
+      bp->ClearAllBreakpointSites();
+      pos = m_breakpoints.erase(pos);
Don't we need to do the same thing in the other "remove" functions (`Remove`, 

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