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In D70846#1766204 <>, @shafik wrote:

> In D70846#1763731 <>, @labath wrote:
> > There's `lldb-shell :: SymbolFile/DWARF/find-basic-function.cpp`, which 
> > probably didn't get run for you as you didn't have lld enabled (cmake 
> > -DLLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS=...;lld). You'll need to update that test to match 
> > the new behavior, but other than that, I think this is a good change.
> So with this change for the `find-basic-function.cpp` test I no longer see 
> any results for the `full` case so we should at least generate a case that 
> has results for the `full` case.

There's an additional check in that test which does a search by a mangled name 
(search for FULL-MANGLED), and this one does return some result. If this patch 
lands, I'm not sure if there's any other kind of a "full" lookup that we could 
perform. `eFunctionNameTypeFull` is documented as: `... For C this is the same 
as just the name of the function For C++ this is the mangled or demangled 
version of the mangled name...`, which appears like we should support searching 
by *de*mangled names. However, I'm not sure if that is actually a good idea. 
Implementing that for the manual index would be simple enough, but that is 
something that the apple index could never support (in fact, I think I remember 
that the manual index once supported searching by demangled names, but then I 
removed this ability for consistency when adding debug_names support).

That said, I think it may be interesting to add a test searching for an `extern 
"C"` symbol (which has no "mangled" name), as right now it's not clear if it 
will show up because of `function_fullnames.Find` or 

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