sgraenitz added a comment.

I'd recommend to be careful when making a change of this size. There are a lot 
of possible configurations.
If you split it up into a few smaller and more dedicated commits, you will make 
your life easier. Otherwise someone might just revert everything if this 
happens to break a bot.

In D69589#1736299 <>, @aadsm wrote:

> Yeah, weird. I wonder if this is something cmake does implicitly when the 
> target is defined as `FRAMEWORK`: 

This is correct. There is a comment mentioning it here:

Comment at: lldb/CMakeLists.txt:204
-  function(create_relative_symlink target dest_file output_dir output_name)
+  function(add_relative_symlink_target name dest_file output_dir output_name)
     get_filename_component(dest_file ${dest_file} ABSOLUTE)
This change e.g. is reasonable, but unrelated. It could go into a separate NFC 

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