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> I would either add the option to SBLaunchInfo so it can be specified, or 
> execute the command. If the target is created, it is setting a target 
> specific setting. If had to pick I would add the API to SBLaunchInfo. 
> Whenever I see something that can't be done through the API, I like to add 
> that API if it is warranted. In our case the value in the SBLaunchInfo should 
> probably be stored as a lldb_private::LazyBool which can have the following 
> values:
>   enum LazyBool { eLazyBoolCalculate = -1, eLazyBoolNo = 0, eLazyBoolYes = 1 
> };
> It would eLazyBoolCalculate to in the launch info, and if it gets set to true 
> or false, then we use that, if it is set to eLazyBoolCalculate we use the 
> target setting.

As of, one can pass nullptr/None  as the 
environment to Launch/LaunchSimple in order to get the "default" environment 
handling. This is does not work with the SBLaunchInfo, but the same thing can 
be achieved there (after by doing 
launch_info.SetEnvironment(target.GetEnvironment()). So I don't think that 
another way of inheriting the default environment is needed (or even desired).

The question here isn't really about what can or cannot be done via 
SBLaunchInfo api (all of this can be done). It's more of the opposite. I.e., 
what to do if we **cannot** use SBLaunchInfo because the user wants to do the 
launch itself (via `launchCommands` => CLI). I can see how applying the other 
settings would be useful, but given that `launchCommands` is a fairly advanced 
feature, I think it would also be acceptable to leave this up to the user. But 
in either case, I think we should be consistent, and not apply a random subset 
of settings.

So, I think it would be best to leave the `target.inherit-env` alone here, and 
create a separate patch for the handling of settings in the `launchCommands` 

Comment at: lldb/tools/lldb-vscode/package.json:90
+                                                               "description": 
"Inherit the debugger environment when launching a process. Only works for 
binaries launched directly by LLDB.",
+                                                               "default": false
+                                                       },
Why is this false? It seems true is a much more reasonable default here, and it 
would be consistent with the normal lldb behavior.

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