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I think this needs a lot more discussion. Before accepting any change like 
this, I'd like to get consensus on the end goal of this project and the rough 
steps to get there.

As it stands now, I don't believe this is a good change. It breaks down one of 
the few layering invariants we had (SB API uses everything else, but not vice 
versa) without any clear benefit. If the goal is to rewrite the commands on top 
of the SB API, then I think it should be possible to write command that _only_ 
use the SB API, and impossible (or at least very hard) to accidentally use the 
private api. This (and the follow-up patch demonstrates that) makes it very 
easy to mix SB and private objects within the same command, which doesn't clean 
up anything -- it just adds to the confusion.

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