Please provide a little bit more details about the problem. Which command is 
giving the wrong output?


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Do you have any idea about regression after applying workaround 1 ? (For 
example, wrong output in some cases)

2016-09-20 21:37 GMT+09:00 Ilia K <<>>:

Please see possible workarounds in

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Dear lldb dev team,
I am working on running lldb-mi on arm32 device(like rpi) for remote debugging 
Is there any way to run lldb-mi with python disabled ?
When building lldb with LLDB_DISABLE_PYTHON, it seems that dataformatter 
initialization is failed due to the following code in MICmnLLDBDebugger.cpp:59

// MI summary helper routines
static inline bool MI_add_summary(lldb::SBTypeCategory category,
                                  const char *typeName,
                                  lldb::SBTypeSummary::FormatCallback cb,
                                  uint32_t options, bool regex = false) {
  return false;
  lldb::SBTypeSummary summary =
      lldb::SBTypeSummary::CreateWithCallback(cb, options);
  return summary.IsValid()
             ? category.AddTypeSummary(
                   lldb::SBTypeNameSpecifier(typeName, regex), summary)
             : false;
Thank you.
Chunseok Lee
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- Ilia

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