> On Sep 21, 2016, at 1:55 PM, Zachary Turner <ztur...@google.com> wrote:
> :-/  The same thing happens if you write Foo &f = *nullptr;   It's a 
> reference.

I might be a good idea to add an overloaded constructor for nullptr and void * 
and delete them so that we can't implicitly create a StringRef from nullptr or 
NULL and cause as crash as it wouldn't compile in the first place.

> Did you try StringRef::withNullAsEmpty()?

I am still catching code conversion issues with things like:

if (name == nullptr)

For normal string ref construction we can cut over to using withNullAsEmpty.

> BTW what code are you converting?  I'm working on some of the options code as 
> we speak.

Its the cut over to using the DWARF parser in LLVM. There are many functions 
that were missing and I have added them and other things we had in our DWARF 
parser. Any DWARF attribute that is a "const char *" will now be returned as a 
llvm::StringRef. That has wide implications in all of the existing DWARF 
parsing code that was using "const char *" for things like names and mangled 
names and also the ClangASTContext functions, like say to create a RecordDecl, 
it now takes an llvm::StringRef as an argument.

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