On 2016-10-12 19:10, Greg Clayton wrote:

We would also need to add a way to get the class type from the member function:

lldb::SBType lldb::SBTypeMemberFunction::GetContainingType();

This would return the class/struct that owns the member function.

So if we just add:

  lldb::SBTypeMemberFunction lldb::SBType::GetMemberFunction();
  lldb::SBType lldb::SBTypeMemberFunction::GetContainingType();

Then you should be able to do what you want. Let me know if you need help with 

Shouldn't that be SBFunction::GetMemberFunction() ?

If you can hint at where this info is stored that would be great. I looked at Function but couldn't figure it out.

Besides that, happen to know how I can get the dw_at_name from dwarf function to SBFunction? Atm it seems to go through the demangler in Function, which fails (there isn't one) and just returns the symbol name even though the info is there.
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