> On Aug 7, 2017, at 9:15 PM, Mikhail Seriukov <zloi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jim, thank you for your response!
> If I choose to build the framework, there is a code signing problem. 
> For the debugserver (and lldb-server?) we need lldb_codesign certificate.
> I was wondering if I could use my Mac developer certificate instead?

As far as I know the only requirement for code signing is that you use a 
code-signing cert that is recognized on the machine that debugserver is running 
on.  So the developer certificate should work.  I've never actually tried it, 
however, so please report back on any problems you have if you go this way and 
I'll see if I can help.

> Also I've found the DEBUGSERVER_USE_FROM_SYSTEM build option which allows to 
> use binaries build and signed by Apple.
> But is it ok(legally) to distribute an app that contains framework with these 
> binaries?

I'm told that re-shipping the frameworks or debugserver is not allowed.  You 
could use them in situ from an installed Xcode.  Use "xcrun -find" to find 
wherever Xcode is installed and grub around in there for debugserver.  But of 
course that requires Xcode to be installed, I don't know if you care about that.

> Which way is better in your opinion?

If the developer cert works, shipping an LLDB.framework that you build is the 
sanest way to go.  Among other things it will make testing your product more 
manageable, since you'll control what lldb/debugserver you use, and if you need 
to fix something that's crucial for you, you can do that in an orderly fashion.


> 2017-08-08 5:33 GMT+07:00 Jim Ingham <jing...@apple.com>:
> One of the rules of the SB API's both on the Python & C++ side is that we 
> maintain backwards compatibility (up to some time in the Future when we'll 
> declare a SB 2.0...)
> So if you compile your tool against some version of the framework, you should 
> be able to run against any newer version.
> Apple doesn't include the headers for the SB API's in the frameworks we 
> distribute, so you will have to get & build an LLDB.framework to build 
> against, but if you're developing code using lldb you'll probably want to 
> have that around anyway to help with debugging your code.  But you should be 
> able to run against the LLDB.framework that is shipped with Xcode, provided 
> it has all the API's that you use.
> Jim
> > On Aug 6, 2017, at 9:43 PM, Mikhail Seriukov via lldb-dev 
> > <lldb-dev@lists.llvm.org> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I want to write a Mac app that uses LLDB C++ API.
> > What is the best way to do it?
> >
> > Should I build and codesign the framework myself, how can I distribute it 
> > then?
> > Should I reuse the framework from "Command line tools", but then I should 
> > force users to install it?
> > How should I structure my Xcode workspace to make it see this framework and 
> > headers?
> >
> > Thank you for your replies!
> >
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