I have a patch I will be submitting soon that adds a tool called "lldb-vscode" 
that is much like "lldb-mi" where it sits on top of LLDB.framework on Darwin 
and liblldb.so on all other platforms, and it speaks the Visual Studio Code 
Debug adaptor language and can be used to create a VSCode extension that does 
native LLDB debugging. The plug-in works really well to debug native apps and 
is very responsive and quick. 

One issue I am thinking about is how to test this. Some VS Code tests out there 
use Javascript + npm to run a mock VSCode IDE and send/receive packets. I am 
not sure we can require people to have this on all build bots. So I am writing 
to get everyone's opinion on this so I can test this and get a patch submitted.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Greg Clayton

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