> Normally, a CPU only allows a very small (as in, ~4) watchpoints. So I
> think this strategy is bound to fail.

Thanks. I see there only 4 hardware watchpoints are supported on my
machine. Is there a way to set software watchpoints?

> If you really need dynamic information about this sort of thing (and not
> just the static "does the function reference this variable" kind), then
> I'd suggest trying to combine the static information (obtained either
> through analysis of the debug info, by looking at the relocations in the
> object files, or from the source code)

Static information is also helpful here. Do you have specific
information on what tools can help to provide such information?

> with some dynamic instrumentation
> framework (the kinds used for coverage analysis) that can tell you
> whether a particular line of code (instruction) got executed.

Do you have specific tools to recommend? Thanks.

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