That’s a little complicated…  

lldb has two levels of stop state - private stops and public stops.  When the 
process gets notification from the underlying process plugin that the process 
stopped, it raises a private stop event.  That gets handled by the ShouldStop 
mechanism on the private state thread in lldb, and then if the stop is judged 
interesting to the user, it gets rebroadcast as a public stop.

For instance, when you issue a “step” command, lldb will stop and start the 
process multiple times as it walks through the source line.  But only the last 
of those stops are relevant to the user of LLDB, so all the other ones exist 
only as private stops.

The SB API’s for the most part should only consider a “publicly stopped” 
process accessible.  After all, you wouldn’t want some API to succeed sometimes 
if you happen to catch it in the middle of a private stop.

But the OperatingSystem plugin needs to get called right after a private stop, 
so it can provide threads for the ShouldStop mechanism.  We should really have 
some formal mechanism whereby things like the OS plugin can request elevated 
rights in the SB API’s, so that they can run at private stop time.  IIRC, we 
instead have a hack where SB API calls that run on the private state thread are 
blanket allowed to run at private stop.  The xnu Operating System plugin 
successfully gets global values to look up its threads.  So I’m not sure why 
that isn’t working for you.

Can you cook up a simple example showing the failure and I’ll have a look?


> On Feb 14, 2019, at 11:10 AM, Alexander Polyakov <> 
> wrote:
> It is, the error is: error: error: process must be stopped.
> I thought that the plugin (get_thread_info in my case) is invoked when the 
> process is already stopped, but it's not. Is it ok?
> On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 9:53 PM Jim Ingham < 
> <>> wrote:
> All SBValues have an error in them (SBValue.GetError).  Does that say 
> anything interesting?
> Jim
>> On Feb 14, 2019, at 10:08 AM, Alexander Polyakov via lldb-dev 
>> < <>> wrote:
>> Hi lldb-dev,
>> I work on a custom implementation of OperatingSystem plugin using Python and 
>> SB API. I’m trying to fetch information about some variables from the target 
>> into the plugin, to do that I’m using the following Python code:
>> ready_tasks = self._target.FindGlobalVariables(‘pxReadyTasksLists’, 
>> 1).GetValueAtIndex(0)
>> When I do `print(ready_tasks)` I get:
>> No value
>> At the same time, doing the same actions inside lldb embedded interpreter 
>> follows to:
>> ` 
>> print('pxReadyTasksLists',1).GetValueAtIndex(0))`
>> (List_t [5]) pxReadyTasksLists = {
>>   [0] = {
>>     uxNumberOfItems = 0
>>     pxIndex = 0x00000000
>>     xListEnd = {
>>       xItemValue = 0
>>       pxNext = 0x00000000
>>       pxPrevious = 0x00000000
>>     }
>>   }
>> …
>> Does anybody know what may cause such a behavior?
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>> Alexander
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