I want to ask what the status of DWARF64 in LLDB is.  I can tell there's
some support for it by reading the code, but it seems to have zero test
coverage so it's not clear to me that anyone depends on it.  For example, I
know that clang and LLVM will not even generate DWARF64, so if anyone is
depending on it, they must be debugging programs built with some other

I'm looking at unifying LLDB's DWARF parser with LLVM's, and this is the
biggest functional difference I can see.

Certainly we can improve LLVM's support for consuming DWARF64, but it's a
question of priorities.  If nobody is actively depending on this, then
taking a regression here could be on the table and then re-prioritizing
adding back support in the future if / when we actually need it.
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