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I'm marking this as fixed with:

...because that gets rid of the urem in InstCombine.

There are a couple of potential follow-up bugs:

1. As noted, we can extend this transform even for non-constant divisors if we
can prove that the MSB (the sign bit) is set.

2. The backend doesn't seem to recognize negated constants:

@ BB#0:                                 @ %entry
    ldr    r2, .LCPI0_0
    ldr    r3, .LCPI0_1
    add    r1, r0, #1
    cmp    r1, r3
    addhs    r1, r0, r2
    mov    r0, r1
    bx    lr
    .p2align    2
@ BB#1:
    .long    294397890               @ 0x118c27c2
    .long    4000569407              @ 0xee73d83f

    leal    1(%rdi), %ecx
    leal    294397890(%rdi), %eax
    cmpl    $-294397889, %ecx       ## imm = 0xEE73D83F
    cmovbl    %ecx, %eax

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