Bug ID: 36320
           Summary: [Hexagon] crash: CANNOT select: t16: v32i1 =
           Product: libraries
           Version: trunk
          Hardware: PC
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P
         Component: Backend: Hexagon

The following is a slight modification of an existing Hexagon regression test

The only difference is that I have replaced an 'undef' operand of the vector
'and' instruction with a zero operand. 

As noted in bug 36305, our handling of undef operands in the DAG is wrong. In
this particular case, I think the difference is caused because currently in the
DAG for vectors we have:
and x, undef --> undef

But this is wrong. It should be:
and x, undef --> 0


; RUN: llc -march=hexagon < %s | FileCheck %s

; Check that a setcc of a vector pair is handled (without crashing).
; CHECK: vcmp

target datalayout =
target triple = "hexagon"

; Function Attrs: nounwind
define hidden fastcc void @fred(i32 %a0) #0 {
  %v2 = insertelement <32 x i32> undef, i32 %a0, i32 0
  %v3 = shufflevector <32 x i32> %v2, <32 x i32> undef, <32 x i32>
  %v4 = icmp eq <32 x i32> %v3, undef
  %v5 = and <32 x i1> zeroinitializer, %v4
  br label %b6

b6:                                               ; preds = %b1
  %v7 = extractelement <32 x i1> %v5, i32 22
  br i1 %v7, label %b8, label %b9

b8:                                               ; preds = %b6

b9:                                               ; preds = %b6

attributes #0 = { nounwind "target-cpu"="hexagonv60"
"target-features"="+hvx,+hvx-length64b" }

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