Status: New
Owner: ----
CC:,,,,,,,, Labels: ClusterFuzz Unreproducible Engine-libfuzzer Proj-llvm Reported-2018-03-06
Type: Bug

New issue 6772 by ClusterFuzz-External: llvm/llvm-opt-fuzzer--x86_64-indvars: Timeout in llvm_llvm-opt-fuzzer--x86_64-indvars

Detailed report:

Project: llvm
Fuzzer: libFuzzer_llvm_llvm-opt-fuzzer--x86_64-indvars
Fuzz target binary: llvm-opt-fuzzer--x86_64-indvars
Job Type: libfuzzer_asan_llvm
Platform Id: linux

Crash Type: Timeout (exceeds 25 secs)
Crash Address:
Crash State:

Sanitizer: address (ASAN)

Reproducer Testcase:

Issue filed automatically.

See for more information.

Note: This crash might not be reproducible with the provided testcase. That said, for the past 14 days we've been seeing this crash frequently. If you are unable to reproduce this, please try a speculative fix based on the crash stacktrace in the report. The fix can be verified by looking at the crash statistics in the report, a day after the fix is deployed. We will auto-close the bug if the crash is not seen for 14 days.

When you fix this bug, please
  * mention the fix revision(s).
* state whether the bug was a short-lived regression or an old bug in any stable releases.
  * add any other useful information.
This information can help downstream consumers.

If you have questions for the OSS-Fuzz team, please file an issue at

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