Comment #2 on issue 5754 by ClusterFuzz-External: llvm/clang-fuzzer: Stack-overflow in clang::StmtVisitorBase<clang::make_const_ptr, IntExprEvaluator, bool>::Visit

ClusterFuzz has detected this issue as fixed in range 201804090528:201804100522.

Detailed report:

Project: llvm
Fuzzer: libFuzzer_llvm_clang-fuzzer
Fuzz target binary: clang-fuzzer
Job Type: libfuzzer_asan_llvm
Platform Id: linux

Crash Type: Stack-overflow
Crash Address: 0x7ffd0730bf98
Crash State:
clang::StmtVisitorBase<clang::make_const_ptr, IntExprEvaluator, bool>::Visit

Sanitizer: address (ASAN)


Reproducer Testcase:

See for more information.

If you suspect that the result above is incorrect, try re-doing that job on the test case report page.

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