Bug ID: 41121
           Summary: After r348496, "Unable to predicate BX killed
                    renamable $r0"
           Product: new-bugs
           Version: trunk
          Hardware: PC
                OS: Windows NT
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: P
         Component: new bugs

As described in, compiling the FreeBSD
lang/spidermonkey170 or lang/spidermonkey38 ports for armv7 or armv6 errors out
with (note the strange error formatting, this is verbatim):

Unable to predicate BX killed renamable $r0
UNREACHABLE executed at lib/CodeGen/IfConversion.cpp:2022!

Bisection shows this started occurring after
("[GVN] Don't perform scalar PRE on GEPs").

Minimized test case:

// clang -cc1 -triple armv7-- -S -O2 Unified_cpp_js_src10-min.cpp
template <typename> struct c;
template <typename b> struct j : c<b> {
  b *aa() { return d; }
  b e() { return *d; }
  b *d;
typedef struct {
  struct {
    union {
      int f;
      int *ab;
    } g;
  } h;
} i;
struct n {
  int *k() { return ac.h.g.ab; }
  int l() { return ac.h.g.f; }
  i ac;
template <class m> struct p {
  int ad();
  int *k() {
    n o = *static_cast<m *>(this)->ae();
    return o.k();
template <> struct c<n> : p<j<n>> {
  n *ae() { return static_cast<j<n> *>(this)->aa(); }
void fn1(bool *);
bool q;
int r;
void u() {
  void *a[]{&&s, &&t};
  goto *a[r];
int v(j<n> w, j<n> x, bool *y) {
  if ( {
    *y = w.k() == x.k();
    return 0;
  *y = w.e().l() == x.e().l();
  return 0;
void fn1(bool *w) { v(0, 0, w); }

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