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--- Comment #3 from Roman Lebedev <> ---
... and i had to revert this & the other commit. Sorry :(
This implementation isn't sound as per the standard.
It erroneously diagnoses e.g. the following case:
$ cat test.cpp
void f(int n) {
 #pragma omp parallel default(none) if(n)
$ ./bin/clang -fopenmp test.cpp
test.cpp:2:40: error: variable 'n' must have explicitly specified data sharing
 #pragma omp parallel default(none) if(n)
test.cpp:2:31: note: explicit data sharing attribute requested here
 #pragma omp parallel default(none) if(n)
1 error generated.

As per OpenMP Application Programming Interface Version 5.0 November 2018:
* Clause
  The default clause explicitly determines the data-sharing attributes of
  variables that are referenced *in a parallel, teams, or task generating
  construct and would otherwise be implicitly determined
  (see Section on page 270).
* 2.6.1 Determining the Number of Threads for a parallel Region
  Using a variable in an if or num_threads clause expression of a parallel
  construct causes an implicit reference to the variable in all enclosing
  constructs. The if clause expression and the num_threads clause expression
  are evaluated in the context outside of the parallel construct,

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