Is there any statistics in hardware scheduler in SoC?

1) I started to create api to get in and out scheduler times. But after talk to Petri we agreed that any time stamps in software, especially time syscalls will eat cpu time and lower scheduling performance. Also application can calculate in/out times using existence apis. So it looks like there is no strong need for new api for calculation such times.

2) There was idea from Stuart to get some stats from scheduler on errors for pktio and poll in queues. But because scheduler walks over all available events, pktio and etc and it return available events errors inside schedule should not be interesting for us and it's implementation deal how specific scheduler works with internal errors. Also packet drops, rx, tx can be fetched thought pktio statistics api.

So it will be good to get some information what SoCs can provide. And requirements from application writers
if we need scheduler statistics present in odp api or odp helper.

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