Good to see this, however include/odp_schedule_if.h still has
SCHEDULE_ORDERED_LOCKS_PER_QUEUE defined at 2 and you have
MAX_ORDERED_LOCKS_PER_QUEUE defined at 1 below. This is confusing.
Better to use this one value here throughout that should be > 1 to
illustrate generality.

Good catch, the SCHEDULE_ORDERED_LOCKS_PER_QUEUE is old unused code I had 
missed. I'll remove it.

This name should also make it clear that this
is a per-queue limit, not a total limit on number of ordered locks in
the system. Perhaps change this to CONFIG_MAX_ORDERED_LOCKS_PER_QUEUE?

I prefer the current name as the documentation already states the per queue 
part and the name is already rather long.

The actual number of ordered locks for any given queue is set at
odp_queue_create() subject to this maximum value.

The CONFIG_QUEUE_MAX_ORD_LOCKS define is used only by the implementation for 
example to define arrays  inside structs. When calling odp_queue_create() the 
max lock count is scheduler dependent. The scheduler implementation has to make 
sure not to use larger values than CONFIG_QUEUE_MAX_ORD_LOCKS. I’ve added 
static asserts to both scheduler implementations to make sure of this.


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