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+== OpenDataPlane (
+=== New Features
+ODP v1.18.0.0 is Tiger Moth Release Candidate 2 (RC 2). It completes the new
+APIs that are part of the Tiger Moth Long Term Support (LTS) release of ODP
+as well as various performance refinements and bug fixes. As of RC2 the ODP
+API is now frozen for the Tiger Moth development series.
+==== APIs
+The following new and changed APIs are included in this release:
+===== Addition of Shared Memory (SHM) Initialization Parameters
+The `odp_init_t` struct used as the argument to the `odp_init_global()` API
+has been expanded to include a `max_memory` field that specifies the maximum
+amount of shared memory (shm) that the application will use. This is to
+better enable ODP implementations to optimize their use of shared memory in
+support of the application. If left as (or defaulted) to 0, the implementation
+may choose a default limit for the application.
+===== Crypto Changes
+A number of crypto refinements are included in this release:
+* The single initialization vector (`iv`) in the `odp_crypto_session_param_t`
+is replaced by a separate `cipher_iv` and `auth_iv` fields.
+* The single initialization vector (`override_iv_ptr`) in the
+`odp_crypto_op_param_t` is replaced by a separate `cipher_iv_ptr` and
+`auth_iv_ptr` fields.
+* The special nature of GCM and GMAC cipher and authentication algorithms is
+clarified in that these ciphers always combine ciphering with authentication
+and hence require both to be specified when used. This is simply a
+documentation change as this requirement has always existed.
+* Enumerations for AES_CCM cipher (`ODP_CIPHER_ALG_AES_CCM`) and
+authentication (`ODP_AUTH_ALG_AES_CCM`) modes are added.
+* Enumeration for the AES_CMAC authentication algorithm
+(`ODP_AUTH_ALG_AES_CMAC`) is added.
+* Enumerations for the ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher
+(`ODP_CIPHER_ALG_CHACHA20_POLY1305`) and authentication
+(`ODP_AUTH_ALG_CHACHA20_POLY1305`) modes are added.
+* Enumeration for the SHA-384 authentication algorithm
+(`ODP_AUTH_ALG_SHA384_HMAC`) is added.
+* Enumeration for the AES-XCBC-MAC authentication algorithm
+(`ODP_AUTH_ALG_AES_XCBC_MAC`) is added.
+===== Lock-free and block-free queues
+The `odp_nonblocking_t` enums introduced in ODP v1.17.0.0 are now returned
+as separate `odp_queue_capability()` limits for plain and scheduled queues. The
+ODP reference implementations now support `ODP_NONBLOCKING_LF` queues.
+===== User pointer initialized to NULL
+The specification for `odp_packet_user_ptr()` is clarified that unless
+overridden by `odp_packet_user_ptr_set()` the value of NULL will be returned.
+===== Removal of `ODP_PKTIN_WAIT` option
+The `ODP_PKTIN_WAIT` option on `odp_pktin_recv_tmo()` and
+`odp_pktin_recv_mq_tmo()` is removed. Timeout options now consist of
+`ODP_PKTIN_NO_WAIT` and a user-supplied timeout value. Since this timeout
+value can be specified to be arbitrarily long, there is no need for an
+indefinite wait capability as provision of such a capability proved
+problematic for some ODP implementations.
+===== Addition of packet protocol APIs
+The APIs `odp_packet_l2_type()`, `odp_packet_l3_type()`, and
+`odp_packet_l4_type()` are added to return the Layer 2, 3, and 4 protocols,
+respectively, associated with packets that have been parsed to the
+corresponding layer. If the packet was not parsed to the associated layer
+these return `ODP_PROTO_Ln_TYPE_NONE`.
+===== Asynchronous ordered locks
+Two new APIs, `odp_schedule_order_lock_start()` and
+`odp_schedule_order_lock_wait()` are added to allow for asynchronous
+ordered lock acquisition in addition to the existing synchronous
+`odp_schedule_order_lock()` API. In some implementations and applications,
+there may be a performance advantage to indicating the intent to acquire an
+ordered lock to allow the implementation to prepare for this while the
+application continues parallel processing and then enter the critical section
+protected by the ordered lock at a later time. In this case ordered lock
+protection is not guaranteed until the `odp_schedule_order_lock_wait()` call
+===== IPsec API miscellaneous changes and enhancements
+IPsec support is further enhanced with the following:
+* The `odp_ipsec_ipv4_param_t` and `odp_ipsec_ipv6_param_t` structures
+are added to formalize the specification of IPv4 and IPv6 options in the
+`odp_ipsec_tunnel_param_t` configuration.
+* The `mode` field of the `odp_ipsec_out_t` is renamed to `frag_mode` for
+better clarity. In addition the `flag.frag-mode` option bit in the
+`odp_ipsec_out_opt_t` struct is defined to hold per-operation options for
+the `odp_ipsec_out_param_t` struct.
+* The `odp_ipsec_capability_t` struct returned by the `odp_ipsec_capability()`
+API is expanded to include the `odp_proto_chksums_t` available on inbound
+IPsec traffic. This indicates whether and how inbound packet checksums may
+be validated for decrypted IPsec traffic.
+===== IPsec Traffic Flow Confidentiality (TFC) support
+Traffic Flow Confidentiality (TFC) allows applications to defend against
+traffic analysis attacks by inserting dummy packets as well as add pad bytes
+to packets traversing IPsec flows.
+Dummy packets have an L3 type of `ODP_PROTO_L3_TYPE_NONE` in tunnel mode and
+`ODP_PROTO_L4_TYPE_NO_NEXT` in transport mode. Padded packets have additional
+data suffixed to them that extends beyond the L3 or L4 packet lengths.
+For RX processing, inline dummy packets may or may not be dropped from the
+inbound packet stream. For lookaside processing they are always visible. For TX
+processing, the `odp_ipsec_out_opt_t` struct specifies the `tfc_pad` bit if
+the packet is to be padded or the `tfc_dummy` bit if a dummy packet is to
+be inserted. The dummy packet length is specified by the `tfc_pad_len` option.
+==== Pktio null device support
+The `odp_pktio_open()` API may now specify devices of class `null` to indicate
+the PktIO is treated as a dummy device. Null devices behave just like Linux
+`/dev/null` in that they never receive packets and simply discard any packets
+sent to them.
+=== Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements
+==== Streamlined ABI Support
+ABI support has been reorganized to make it more modular and to omit headers
+and related ABI files when configure to disable this support.
+==== Validation Test Simplification
+The tests that are part of the validation test suite are reorganized and
+simplified by having a single test file for each API rather than separate
+CUnit driver files and test files.
+=== Test/Example Improvements
+==== Crypto Test Improvements
+The `crypto` validation test suite now offers better information on which
+crypto algorithms were skipped because they are not available. Testing of
+full HMAC lengths is now added
+==== ODP Generator Improvements
+The `odp_generator` example now offers configurable RX burst size, selectable
+packet handling (Direct I/O or Scheduled I/O), as well as streamlined packet
+==== `l2fwd` Example Improvements
+The `l2fwd` example offers improved efficiency via better cache usage.
+=== Bug Fixes
+====[Bug 3572]
+time_main test fails if run under heavy load
+====[Bug 3576]
+classification: CoS queues in invalid table index
+====[Bug 3577]
+classification: multiqueue CoS will always fail
+====[Bug 3578]
+classification: requested number of queues is ignored in multiqueue CoS
+====[Bug 3579]
+cls: capability to return max hash queues
+====[Bug 3581]
+classification: invalid memory access in RSS hash
+====[Bug 3582]
+classification: incorrect IPv6 RSS hash
+====[Bug 3594]
+IPsec SA may be used before fully initialized
+====[Bug 3595]
+IPsec SA lookup may leave extra SAs locked
+====[Bug 3613]
+packet_main test can fail
+====[Bug 3618]
+DPDK pktio stops receiving packets if all configured RX queues are not used
+=== Known Issues
+====[Bug 2988]
+ODP exposes symbols outside of odp*/_odp* namespace
+====[Bug 3210]
+packet header parsing routines should verify header checksums
+====[Bug 3245]
+Cannot run l2fwd application on Cavium ThunderX platform
+====[Bug 3517]
+timer test might fail
+====[Bug 3597]
+new generator test assumes that null:0 pktio is always present
+====[Bug 3602]
+validation: cls: capability field is not checked for test cases
+====[Bug 3611]
+ODP linux generic fails on AArch64 in non-ABI-compat mode
+====[Bug 3628]
+Another timer_main failure

Bug 3628 fixed, line has to be removed.

> Bill Fischofer(Bill-Fischofer-Linaro) wrote:
> Again, should be fixed before Tiger Moth release. RC2 is API freeze level, so 
> this doesn't affect any APIs.

>> Bill Fischofer(Bill-Fischofer-Linaro) wrote:
>> As discussed today, this must be fixed before Tiger Moth release. RC2 is 
>> just the API freeze level.

>>> Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov(lumag) wrote:
>>> Should be fixed before RC2.

>>>> Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov(lumag) wrote:
>>>> Is fixed already

>>>>> Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov(lumag) wrote:
>>>>> Must be fixed before RC2.

>>>>>> Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov(lumag) wrote:
>>>>>> Here and below. GCM, CCM, ChaCha20-Poly1305 are not "cipher and 
>>>>>> authentication" algorithms. They are "authenticated encryption" 
>>>>>> modes/algorithms.

>>>>>>> Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov(lumag) wrote:
>>>>>>> It should be noted, that there are/might be implementations that do not 
>>>>>>> provide null PktIO
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