--- Comment #14 from Josep Puigdemont <> ---
(In reply to Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov from comment #13)
> Josep, I'd prefer A.1 solution for the first issue.
> For the issue B, I'd sugest a bit strange change. What about using
> non-SIGTERM signal to kill fdserver? This will allow us to block TERM (and
> thus stop fdserver from reacting on Ctrl-C directly).

I think I agree about this solution being preferable now, but disagree on the
TERM signal. By putting back the default handler for SIGTERM (or one of our
choice), we will guarantee that the fdserver process is killed upon receiving
that signal. Also with the fdserver out of the process group, we won't get
SIGINT from ctr-c anymore anyway (or any signals sent to the initial process

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