I am trying to run the pktgen example on odp-thunderx. It worked for a
couple of times. After that it keeps on failing with error as below. This
persists across reboot. I am running this over Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS"

root@cavium:~/odp-thunderx/build/bin# ./pktgen -I vfio:30 -m r

ODP system info
ODP API version: 1.11.0
CPU max freq (hz): 2000000000
Cache line size: 128
CPU count:       96

Running ODP appl: "pktgen"
IF-count:        1
Using IFs:       vfio:30
Mode:            0(0)

num worker threads: 1
first CPU:          11
cpu mask:           0x800
thunder/odp_shared_memory.c:542:hp_contig_alloc():open: Too many open files
thunder/odp_pool.c:557:odp_pool_create_internal():Error while allocating
shared memory for pool
pktgen.c:788:main():Error: packet pool create failed.

Is there any way I can avoid this and proceed with testing?

P Gyanesh Kumar Patra

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