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> From: Savolainen, Petri (Nokia - FI/Espoo)
> Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 10:59 AM
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> Subject: RE: PKTIO hash capability
> > I have a platform that doesn't support hashing on input queues, only
> > classification.
> > I think it be good to add the below to the PKTIO capabilities.
> > As currently in the capabilities I declare to have several input
> > queues but application has not idea it cannot activate hash on those
> queues.
> >
> >                 odp_bool_t classifier_enable;
> >                 odp_bool_t hash_enable;
> >
> >
> > What is your opinion on this request?
> >
> I think those can be added to capability. At the same time the capability
> struct could be cleaned up a bit. I'll look into this shortly.
> -Petri

Actually, you can already express this capability (that hashed input is not 
supported). Just return 1 as max_input_queues in odp_pktio_capability_t. 
Num_queues in pktin_queue_param is ignored when classifier is used, in other 
cases application must not exceed max_input_queues capability. If max number of 
input queues is 1, there's no need for hashing. The default is 1 input queue 
(no hashing, no classifier).

We may still clean up the pktio capability API, but you don't need to wait for 


typedef struct odp_pktio_capability_t {
        /** Maximum number of input queues */
        unsigned max_input_queues;

typedef struct odp_pktin_queue_param_t {
        /** Number of input queues to be created
          * When classifier is enabled in odp_pktin_queue_config() this
          * value is ignored, otherwise at least one queue is required.
          * More than one input queues require flow hashing configured.
          * The maximum value is defined by pktio capability 'max_input_queues'.
          * Queue type is defined by the input mode. The default value is 1. */
        unsigned num_queues;

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