Ok, think figured it out.

Databases tab is more for file management, and, on navigation tab I can save current location as a point, and under show neighbourhood, can add points to routes, etc., via actions menu.


On 11 August 2018 10:56:23 Jacob Kruger <ja...@blindza.co.za> wrote:

Ok, been a while, but, trying to associate what I remember from working
with the nokia phone version of loadstone with the iPhone version.

As far as I remember/understand it, the databases contain points that
are either self-defined, or imported from external sources, like
pointshare on the current iPhone version.

We then want to create/define routes, and, assign specific checkpoints
to those routes, for use when specifically initiating navigational guidance?

Issue is am not seeming to manage to define a separate route, and add
custom checkpoints to it, to then get loadstone to direct me to the next
checkpoint, etc.?

In other words, while I have downloaded, and imported the pointshare
database for my area, I am more interested in being able to define my
own landmark points, and, add them to a route, but, while it lets me
save points, I can't figure out how to then add them to a route as

All it seems to offer when I try to add to a route is the pointshare
points, and, while I could try clearing the database, and, just work
with a clean/empty one, that might counteract the other benefits of

And, sorry if this all sounds a bit silly, but, it could also be
somewhat due to me not really being perfectly used to working with the
iPhone interface either... <smile>

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