Curiously enough, while preparing the JMSAppender section in my book
"the complete log4j manual," I came across the following article
entitled "Develop an Asynchronous Logging Framework using log4j with
JMS and WebSphere MQ". Here is the link:

It touches on the problem of caching connections/sessions and proposes
a solution.  The way objects are
transformed is interesting as an anti-pattern. The employs a classical log4j
anti-pattern by calling Category.getInstance() for each log operation.
I don't understand why the author did not just use XMLLayout. The
author writes:

   For this example, we will create a small custom XML type layout to
   demonstrate how log4j message formats may be customized. The intent
   here is not to show XML best practices, just log4j functionality.

But I still don't get it. In any case, it is certainly worthwhile
reading for those interested in JMS logging.


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