So you're saying you'd like the docs to include some basic introductory
info on what a class path is, what system properties are, and how to
configure them all? Sounds like a good idea considering log4j is such a
fundamental library that I wouldn't expect all users to know that sort of
thing by default.

On 1 December 2016 at 21:08, Arash Rouhani Kalleh <> wrote:

> Hi Log4j community!
> After getting a constructive response from mr. Gary Gregory on Twitter on
> one of my rage-tweets[1]. I decided to take him up on that and send some
> feedback to this community.
> My bad experience came from spending maybe over an hour trying to just get
> the framework to pick up my config file. So here I come with a practical
> suggestion to remedy this: On this[2] docs page, under "Automatic
> Configuration". You would change the first occurrence of "system property"
> and "classpath" into a hyperlink pointing to more information *how to
> set *those
> values. The problem is that many casual programmers don't know (I didn't).
> Would that make sense?
> Note that the mere definition of system property/classpath (the results I
> would find when Googling the terms) are still of no use, because they lack
> practical information on how to include the log4j2 configuration file
> inside my jar and having it being read by log4j2.
> Lastly, thanks to everybody who've contributed to this well-documented,
> well-designed, efficient logging framework. The experience is good once
> you've got the framework to pick up your configuration file. And the more
> users who don't get frustrated in the phase before that, the more users
> that have energy left over to contribute back. :)
> Cheers,
> Arash Rouhani
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> [2]:

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