Hi all,

I have an executable jar, and I run it with this command:

java -jar .\my.jar

if  log42j.xml in my.jar, it is working,  if log42.xml out of   my.jar, it is 
not working.

I try  the “-Dlog4j.configurationFile”  to load log4j2.xml like this:

java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=.\log4j2.xml -jar .\ubbp-scheduled-1.0.2.jar

then it shows erros:

ERROR: cannot find or load the main class  .configurationFile=.\log4j2.xml.

it seems that the -D option cannot apply to the command: java -jar.

So, is there anyway to load an external log4j2.xml when running a standalone 

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