Hello everybody,

We like to use a log4j2.xml file for log4j2 configuration of our hybris 
If the file log4j2.xml is part of the classpath and the property 
"log4j2.config.xml=hybris-log4j2.xml" is part of my local.properties file, it 
will be loaded automatically and everything is fine.
But how can we load the file if it is located in a directory outside the 

I tried the following:
1.Specify the absolute path in local.properties file
-> Will just get many context loader and nullpointer exceptions in logfile

2. Specify the log4j.configurationFile property in log4j2.component.properties
-> The file will be found by the system, but config will have no effect. 
Fallback custom log will be used

I found this documentation, that it should be possible to configure the xml 
file with this properties, but it doesn't work.
https://logging.apache.org/log4j/2.0/faq.html -> How do I specify the 
configuration file location?

Does anyone have an idea to solve this problem?

Thanks and greetings,

On 23.01.18, 17:44, "Greg Huber" <gregh3...@gmail.com> wrote:


    In a tomcat environment how do I get Log4jServletContextListener
    contextDestroyed to be called last.  It is being called before my
    contextDestroyed and I get no logging on shutdown.

    Cheers Greg


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