Hello list,

I need to get more granular timestamps in my logs.

The question is what is the best way get Log4j to handle sub-millisecond 

A top search result provides this deceptively-simple approach:

However, that will provide wrong results, since they're generating the 
timestamp inside the Converter, which would run in the AsyncLogger thread and 
in effect log when the event was processed rather than when it actually 

The hack I came up with is to implement a custom Clock whose 
currentTimeMillis() returns nanoseconds since the epoch, and a corresponding 
Converter plugin that handles nanoseconds in the millisecond field (Hopefully 
it won't still be around by year 2262 :) It works pretty well for what I'm 
doing so long as both the custom clock and a correct layout are used, but I 
imagine it could cause unexpected consequences if some time-related 
functionality is used (e.g. file rolling).

Any suggestions for a cleaner but low-overhead approach?


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