That would be my doing. There really is no rational reason. I do remember 
wanting to have the Level be an enum instead of a raw integer but other than 
that I have no recollection.

However, I do remember struggling with the isGreaterThan and isLessThan concept 
with regard to levels as that actually implies that they are integers. Instead, 
you will see that the methods are isMoreSpecificThan and is LessSpecificThan, 
neither of which imply anything about the integers.


> On Mar 1, 2022, at 8:23 AM, Robert Nicholson <> 
> wrote:
> Was there any discussion in the past as to why this appears to be the reverse 
> direction in 2.x vs 1.x?
> ie. OFF = Integer.MAX_VALUE in 1.x vs OFF = 0 in 2.x etc.
> If I’m not mistaken I shouldn’t care about this as I’m not suppose to have 
> any dependencies on this ranking.
> However, I’m still curious why it’s the opposite direction in 2.x.
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