Hi team,

I think there is something wrong with Log4j1.x bridge level handling when 
migrating from log4j1.x to log4j2.x.

Issue: In my config file, log level is set to "Error",  but with log4j1.x 
bridge log level is getting calculated as DEBUG. I think this is since in 
log4j1.x from FATAL to DEBUG level integer value decreases as shown below but 
in log4j2.x from FATAL to DEBUG integer value increases as shown below.

I think there is some issue in getEffectiveLevel(). Please let me know if you 
have any idea on this.
Level integer value
     * The <code>OFF</code> has the highest possible rank and is
     * intended to turn off logging.
    public static final int OFF_INT = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
     * The <code>FATAL</code> level designates very severe error
     * events that will presumably lead the application to abort.
    public static final int FATAL_INT = 50000;
     * The <code>ERROR</code> level designates error events that
     * might still allow the application to continue running.
    public static final int ERROR_INT = 40000;
     * The <code>WARN</code> level designates potentially harmful situations.
    public static final int WARN_INT = 30000;
     * The <code>INFO</code> level designates informational messages
     * that highlight the progress of the application at coarse-grained
     * level.
    public static final int INFO_INT = 20000;
     * The <code>DEBUG</code> Level designates fine-grained
     * informational events that are most useful to debug an
     * application.
    public static final int DEBUG_INT = 10000;
    //public final static int FINE_INT = DEBUG_INT;
     * The <code>ALL</code> has the lowest possible rank and is intended to
     * turn on all logging.
    public static final int ALL_INT = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
     * OFF(0) //No events will be logged.
     * FATAL(100) //A severe error that will prevent the application from 
     * ERROR(200) //An error in the application, possibly recoverable.
     * WARN(300) //An event that might possible lead to an error.
     * INFO(400) //An event for informational purposes.
     * DEBUG(500) //A general debugging event.
     * TRACE(600) //A fine-grained debug message, typically capturing the flow 
through the application.
     * ALL(Integer.MAX_VALUE) //All events should be logged.
     * Typically, configuring a level in a filter or on a logger will cause 
     * events of that level and those that are more specific to pass through 
the filter.
     * A special level, ALL, is guaranteed to capture all levels when used in 
     * configurations.
     * FATAL is defined in class StandardLevel.

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